Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365 - Day 19

It was another beautiful day so I took a stroll downtown to soak it all in! Riverfront Park is a well known area in Spokane - the World's Fair in the early 70s was held there.

Also, it was so difficult to choose the picture I wanted to use today. I opted for a picture of the clock tower, however, there is a twist to it. This is a reflection from the convention center windows.
I'm still somewhat limited on what I can do with my photos...due to my photography class. We are in full manual mode and I can accept that. However, no black and white - no editing what-so-ever. The most difficult part of these limitations is NO black and white. The class is going well and I actually won a prize this week for most artistic...trust me when I say I don't win much so this was thrilling to me...so I had to share! :)


  1. Great picture Heather! So do we get to see the award winning picture? :)

  2. Congratulations on winning most artistic! Will you share the winning photo with us?

    I like the way you used the reflection here. Nice work!

  3. It wasn't just one pic...it was a series of 10 pictures, two for each day of the week (Mon - Fri). Hmmmm...maybe that is what my 1.20.10 Project 365 will be...:)