Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365 - Day 17

Just having a little fun...this is an old birdcage (not mine - purchased at a yard sale years back). I wanted to do something fun with it, place a plant in it, make it a lamp, or as I've done here - Christmas lights and corks.

Of course you can't see the corks really well. But that isn't important to me...I like the effect with the lights - capturing hearts with a slow shutter speed was fun.

This morning we woke to water all over our kitchen floor - floods of water, coming from our refrigerator. We have been slowly updating all of our appliances and it seems this mornings' events pushed up the need to purchase a new fridge. The replacement should be delivered on Tuesday! I am envisioning my Tuesday picture already! =]

So instead of going to Lake CdA to capture eagles on "film", er fell off the radar for us today. Not to mention it was RAINING again!

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