Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 - Day 45 - 02.14.10

Today we went with girls on a drive in search of some new areas to photograph. We drove along the Spokane river, to the Nine Mile and Tum Tum area. The rain started to fall and I was certain I wouldn't have the opportunity to take pictures today. There were brief rainless (is that a word) moments.
We found a great scenic view of the dam - about 300 feet above the river below. The area was fenced off so we thought we would let the girls run, sniff, and explore. I was looking through my view finder, snapping away, when I turned my camera to the girls busily running from one spot to another soaking up all the smells. Jada (picture above left) and Lilee were running side by side...but it looked like Lilee was outside the fence - that can't be...I mean that is on the edge of the cliffs!
I look up from my camera and Lilee IS behind the fence on the edge of the cliffs!!! My husband, Walter and I were at least 50 feet away and we realize at the same time what the implications were - I know both of our stomachs dropped. Walter took off down the stairs and over the boulders to get to her. Meanwhile I'm trying to sound as calm as I can while calling for Lilee to come to me. Just as Walter slips on a wet boulder still too far from Lilee (and I'm worried if he is okay) Lilee is back on this side of the fence, she came back through the HOLE in the fence!
I literally saw Lilee's short little life pass before my eyes...I squeezed her so hard when she came back to me...I'm sure she thought she was in BIG trouble.
All ended well, Walter is a little sore but he will live, and we will NEVER take our girls off leash toward cliffs of any kind!

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  1. Oh my! What a scary moment! I'm glad everyone is okay. I hope Walter recovers quickly. Whew! That shot of Jada is so cute. I love dogs!